Zach Bryan Concert Ticket Tour Dates & Schedule 2024

by Heather M. Heikkinen
Zach Bryan Concert Ticket Tour Dates & Schedule 2024

Zach Bryan Concert Ticket Tour kicks off on March 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia, and wraps up on September 25th in Seattle, Washington. You’ll get to experience the major night at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough on June 10th, and feel the vibes at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on July 20th.

He’s also playing Chicago’s United Center on August 15th and NRG Stadium in Houston on August 30th. Tickets sell out fast, so it’s best to check availability soon on platforms like Ticketmaster. With special guests like Jason Isbell and Sheryl Crow, each show promises unique and memorable moments. Discover what else is in store along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Tour kicks off on March 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia, and ends on September 25th in Seattle, Washington.
  • Major performance on June 10th at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.
  • Highlight show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on July 20th.
  • United Center in Chicago will host Zach Bryan on August 15th.
  • Zach Bryan will perform at NRG Stadium in Houston on August 30th.

Zach Bryan Tickets and Stadium Tour dates 2024 Highlights

Key Dates and Locations

Zach Bryan’s tour will kick off on March 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia, covering major cities across North America before concluding in Seattle, Washington on September 25th. Dubbed the ‘Quittin Time Tour,’ this 2024 tour promises to be an exhilarating journey through the heart of America’s music venues, blending the raw, emotional energy of Bryan’s performances with the freedom of the open road.

You’ll get the chance to see Zach perform at some iconic locations. Mark your calendar for a major night on June 10th at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, a venue known for its massive crowds and unforgettable live music experiences. Don’t miss out on the electric atmosphere at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on July 20th, where the city’s vibrant spirit will surely amp up the night.

Further along the tour schedule, the United Center in Chicago will host Bryan on August 15th, offering a perfect mid-summer setting for his soul-stirring melodies. For those in the South, the NRG Stadium in Houston awaits on August 30th, ready to fill with the sounds of heartfelt Americana.

Zach Bryan Concert Ticket Tour Dates & Schedule 2024
Zach Bryan Concert Ticket Tour Dates & Schedule 2024

Zach Bryan Tickets Prices & Stadium Time Tour Dates 2024

Zach Bryan Tour Dates will be displayed below for any announced 2024 Zach Bryan tour dates. For all available tickets and to find shows near you, scroll to the listings at the top of this page.

05/10/2024Knoxville, TNThompson-Boling Arena at Food City Center$102
05/13/2024North Little Rock, ARSimmons Bank Arena$116
05/14/2024North Little Rock, ARSimmons Bank Arena$82
05/17/2024Gulf Shores, ALGulf Shores Beach$254
05/17/2024Oklahoma City, OKPaycom Center$124
05/18/2024Oklahoma City, OKPaycom Center$160
05/31/2024Oakland, CAOakland-Alameda County Coliseum$76
06/02/2024Los Angeles, Arena$161
06/03/2024Los Angeles, Arena$113
06/04/2024Los Angeles, Arena$102
06/07/2024Las Vegas, NVT-Mobile Arena$120
06/08/2024Las Vegas, NVT-Mobile Arena$131
06/14/2024Denver, COEmpower Field at Mile High$98
06/15/2024Denver, COEmpower Field at Mile High$114
06/20/2024Detroit, MIFord Field$193
06/22/2024Columbus, OHOhio Stadium$128
06/23/2024Columbus, OHOhio Stadium$72
06/26/2024Foxborough, MAGillette Stadium$159
06/29/2024Nashville, TNNissan Stadium$93
07/17/2024Foxborough, MAGillette Stadium$163
07/21/2024Orlando, FLKia Center$157
07/22/2024Sunrise, FLAmerant Bank Arena$116
07/25/2024New Orleans, LACaesars Superdome$78
07/27/2024Houston, TXNRG Stadium$75
07/30/2024San Antonio, TXFrost Bank Center$104
07/31/2024San Antonio, TXFrost Bank Center$112
08/03/2024Greensboro, NCGreensboro Coliseum Complex$170
08/04/2024Greensboro, NCGreensboro Coliseum Complex$150
08/06/2024Philadelphia, PALincoln Financial Field$178
08/07/2024Philadelphia, PALincoln Financial Field$187
08/10/2024Atlanta, GAMercedes-Benz Stadium$73
08/11/2024Atlanta, GAMercedes-Benz Stadium$62
08/14/2024Tampa, FLRaymond James Stadium$121
08/17/2024Arlington, TXAT&T Stadium$116
08/20/2024Kansas City, MOT-Mobile Center$106
08/21/2024Kansas City, MOT-Mobile Center$122
08/24/2024Minneapolis, MNUS Bank Stadium$212
08/25/2024Grand Forks, NDAlerus Center$131
08/26/2024Grand Forks, NDAlerus Center$90
09/19/2024Louisville, KYKentucky Exposition Center$263
11/17/2024Edmonton, AB, CARogers Place$154
11/18/2024Edmonton, AB, CARogers Place$130
11/20/2024Vancouver, BC, CARogers Arena$174
11/22/2024Tacoma, WATacoma Dome$121
11/23/2024Tacoma, WATacoma Dome$89
11/26/2024Portland, ORModa Center$83
11/27/2024Portland, ORModa Center$75
11/29/2024Sacramento, CAGolden 1 Center$123
11/30/2024Sacramento, CAGolden 1 Center$102
12/03/2024Glendale, AZDesert Diamond Arena$131
12/04/2024Glendale, AZDesert Diamond Arena$125
12/06/2024Salt Lake City, UTDelta Center$104
12/07/2024Salt Lake City, UTDelta Center$100
12/12/2024Tulsa, OKBOK Center$90
12/13/2024Tulsa, OKBOK Center$104
12/14/2024Tulsa, OKBOK Center$120
12/18/2024Brooklyn, NYBarclays Center$124
12/19/2024Brooklyn, NYBarclays Center$132

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Ticket Purchase Information

Now that you’ve marked your calendars for the must-see concerts, let’s focus on securing your tickets to these incredible shows. Buying Zach Bryan tickets is straightforward, but you’ve got to act quickly as they tend to sell out fast. Start by checking availability on trusted platforms like Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and SeatGeek. These sites not only offer a wide range of ticket prices but also come with a buyer guarantee, ensuring your purchase is safe and secure.

Presale tickets can be a great option if you’re keen to get ahead of the crowd. Make sure you’re signed up for Zach Bryan’s fan newsletters or follow his official social media to get access to presale codes. Once the presale window opens, use these codes to buy tickets before they become available to the general public.

Venue Details Overview

Let’s explore the specifics of the venues hosting Zach Bryan’s upcoming concerts, ensuring you have all the details for a smooth experience. As you plan your 2024 adventure to catch one of his electrifying performances, knowing where you’re headed is key.

Starting with the iconic Arena, renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, you’re in for a top-tier experience. The arena promises excellent acoustics and visibility, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of Zach’s heartfelt anthems.

Moving on, the United Center in Chicago offers a legendary backdrop for musical events, with its vast seating capacity and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for fans who live for live music thrills.

For those of you craving a festival vibe, the Buckeye Country Superfest is a must-attend. Set in a sprawling stadium, this event combines the rustic charm of outdoor concerts with the grandeur of a large-scale festival, offering a unique blend of intimacy and spectacle.

Each venue in the full list of tour dates has been carefully selected to enhance your concert experience, reflecting the freedom and spirit that Zach Bryan’s music embodies. So, grab your tickets, mark your calendars, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through these amazing arenas and stadiums.

Special Guest Performances

While you’re marking your calendars for Zach Bryan’s performances, remember that each concert will feature incredible guest artists set to amplify your experience. This tour isn’t just about one country star; it’s a showcase of some of the finest talents in the music industry.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit are slated as the opener for several dates, promising a mix of raw, lyrical storytelling and powerful musicianship that complements Zach’s style perfectly. Sheryl Crow, another iconic figure, will grace the stage on select nights, bringing her blend of rock, country, and pop to the mix.

Emerging talents like Levi Turner and Sierra Ferrell will bring their unique flavors to the lineup. Levi’s soulful voice and Sierra’s Appalachian-inspired melodies will offer a fresh perspective to the traditional country sound. Also joining the tour are The War and Treaty, whose electrifying blend of Southern soul can’t be missed.

Don’t overlook the Turnpike Troubadours, who are reuniting for this tour. Their gritty, heartfelt songs are sure to resonate with anyone who craves authenticity. And for a touch of indie rock, Matt Maeson will share his introspective tunes, adding a different layer to what promises to be an unforgettable series of concerts.

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Tips for Attendees

To maximize your Zach Bryan concert experience, it’s important to plan ahead and arrive early. Whether you’re attending the ‘Burn Tour‘ or the ‘Quittin’ Time’ Tour, securing your tickets for Zach Bryan well in advance is a necessity. Remember, prices may vary, and resale options could be pricier, so grab them early to make sure you’re not paying over the odds.

Once your tickets are sorted, check out the venue specifics like the Food City Center in Knoxville, which has a specific bag policy you’ll need to follow. Pack light to avoid any entry delays and ensure a smoother entrance. Arriving early also means you can snag a spot closer to the stage, which enhances your chance of a direct encounter with the energy of the live performance.

Don’t forget to acquaint yourself with the setlist if you want the best experience; knowing the lyrics means you can sing along with every heartfelt tune. The atmosphere when everyone sings along is electrifying and truly embodies the spirit of freedom that Zach Bryan’s music promotes. So, immerse yourself fully, sing from your heart, and make it an unforgettable night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Zach Bryan Song to Listen to Live?

You’ll find “Heading South” electrifying live. Its raw, emotional energy captures the spirit of freedom, making it a standout performance that resonates deeply with fans seeking authenticity and a sense of liberation.

How Long Does a Zach Bryan Concert Last?

You’ll typically find that a Zach Bryan concert lasts about two hours, including encores. It’s packed with raw, heartfelt performances that truly capture his spirit, offering you a night of unforgettable musical freedom.

What Age Group Typically Attends Zach Bryan Concerts?

You’ll find that Zach Bryan concerts typically attract a diverse crowd, but they’re especially popular among young adults, primarily those aged 18 to 34, who appreciate his heartfelt lyrics and acoustic-driven country music.

Are Meet and Greet Options Available at Zach Bryan Tours?

Yes, you can find meet and greet options available, offering a fantastic chance to connect personally with the artist. Check his official website or ticket platforms to secure your spot at these exclusive events.

Can I Bring a Camera to Zach Bryan Concerts?

As you journey through the concert’s visual story, remember, most venues won’t let you bring professional cameras. Check their policy or stick with your phone to capture those memorable, free-spirited moments.


As the curtain falls on our guide, remember to grab your tickets early, like catching fireflies on a warm summer night — they won’t linger! Each venue promises a unique experience, echoing with the soulful sounds of Zach Bryan and his special guests.

Prepare for an unforgettable journey, pack your enthusiasm, and immerse yourself in the music. These nights won’t only be memories but melodies that resonate long after the final note fades.

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