Where Is It Hot in November in Benidorm

by Heather M. Heikkinen
Where Is It Hot in November in Benidorm

When searching for hot weather in Benidorm in November, you’ll find average temperatures of 20-24°C, perfect for enjoying the warm autumn sun with minimal rain. Head to Levante Beach or Poniente Beach for prime sunbathing spots. Explore thrilling excursions like hiking and boat trips in the sun.

Benidorm, located on Spain’s Costa Blanca, is renowned for its warm weather, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Even in November, when much of Europe starts to shiver, Benidorm remains a warm retreat. But where exactly can you find the best spots to soak up the sun in this Mediterranean gem? Let’s explore.

Where Is It Hot in November in Benidorm
Where Is It Hot in November in Benidorm

Why Visit Benidorm in November?

November is an excellent time to visit Benidorm. The weather is still pleasant, with daytime temperatures often reaching the low 20s Celsius (70s Fahrenheit). Traveling in November means fewer tourists, resulting in less crowded beaches and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Benidorm’s November Climate

Benidorm enjoys a mild climate in November. The average temperature ranges between 14-21°C (57-70°F), with approximately 7 hours of sunshine per day. Rainfall is infrequent, making it a great time for outdoor activities and exploring the city.

Best Areas to Enjoy Warm Weather in Benidorm

Benidorm boasts numerous spots where you can enjoy the warm November weather. The beaches, promenades, and parks are perfect for soaking up the sun.

Levante Beach

Weather Conditions

Levante Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Benidorm. In November, the temperature here is typically around 20°C (68°F), ideal for a day by the sea.

Activities and Attractions

  • Sunbathing: Relax on the golden sands and enjoy the Mediterranean sun.
  • Water Sports: Try activities like jet-skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding.
  • Beachfront Bars: Enjoy a drink or a meal at one of the many bars and restaurants along the promenade.

Poniente Beach

Weather Conditions

Poniente Beach is another favorite, known for its long stretch of sand and tranquil waters. November temperatures hover around 20°C (68°F).

Activities and Attractions

  • Strolling: Walk along the modern promenade and take in the scenic views.
  • Swimming: The sea remains warm enough for a refreshing dip.
  • Family-Friendly: Ideal for families with its gentle waves and playgrounds.

Mal Pas Beach

Weather Conditions

This smaller, more secluded beach offers a quieter option with temperatures around 20°C (68°F).

Activities and Attractions

  • Snorkeling: Explore the underwater life in the clear, calm waters.
  • Relaxation: Enjoy a peaceful day away from the larger crowds.

Benidorm Old Town

Weather Conditions

The Old Town, or “El Casco Antiguo,” provides a charming escape with mild November weather, around 19-21°C (66-70°F).

Activities and Attractions

  • Cultural Exploration: Wander through narrow streets filled with historic buildings, shops, and tapas bars.
  • Balcony of the Mediterranean: Enjoy panoramic views from this famous viewpoint.

La Cruz de Benidorm

Weather Conditions

The Cross of Benidorm, located on the Sierra Helada, offers slightly cooler temperatures around 18-20°C (64-68°F).

Activities and Attractions

  • Hiking: Take a hike up to the cross for stunning views of the coastline and city.
  • Photography: This spot provides some of the best photo opportunities in Benidorm.

Terra Mítica

Weather Conditions

The temperatures at this theme park are around 20°C (68°F) in November, perfect for a day of fun.

Activities and Attractions

  • Rides and Shows: Enjoy various rides, attractions, and live shows suitable for all ages.
  • Historical Themes: Explore different areas themed around ancient civilizations.

Outdoor Activities in November

Water Sports

The mild temperatures and warm sea make November a great time for water sports. Options include jet-skiing, windsurfing, and scuba diving.

Hiking and Nature Walks

The cooler weather is ideal for hiking. Popular trails include the Serra Gelada Natural Park and the Puig Campana Mountain.


Benidorm’s golf courses remain open year-round. Villaitana Golf offers beautiful courses with stunning views.

Accommodation Options

Best Resorts and Hotels

  • Hotel Don Pancho: Known for its excellent service and location near Levante Beach.
  • Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa: Offers luxury with an exotic touch.

Budget-Friendly Accommodations

  • Hostel Benidorm: A great option for budget travelers, located in the heart of the city.
  • La Era Park Apartments: Affordable and conveniently located.

Unique Stays

  • Boutique Hotel Villa Venecia: Offers stunning sea views and a unique, luxurious experience.
  • Magic Natura Animal, Waterpark & Polynesian Lodge Resort: Ideal for families looking for a unique stay.

Travel Tips for November

What to Pack

  • Clothing: Light layers, comfortable walking shoes, swimwear, and a light jacket for cooler evenings.
  • Accessories: Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat for sun protection.

Health and Safety Considerations

  • Health: Ensure you have travel insurance and stay hydrated.
  • Safety: Benidorm is generally safe, but always keep an eye on your belongings.

Transportation Tips

  • Getting Around: Renting a car can be convenient, but public transport and taxis are also readily available.
  • Walking: The city is pedestrian-friendly, especially in the Old Town and along the beaches.

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Benidorm in November offers a warm escape with plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re exploring the historic Old Town, lounging on Levante Beach, or enjoying a day at Terra Mítica, there’s something for everyone. Pack your bags and head to this Mediterranean gem for a perfect autumn getaway.


What is the temperature in Benidorm in November?

The average temperature ranges from 14-21°C (57-70°F).

Are the beaches crowded in November?

No, November is off-peak season, so the beaches are less crowded.

Is it warm enough to swim in November?

Yes, the sea temperatures remain warm enough for swimming.

What should I pack for a November trip to Benidorm?

Pack light layers, swimwear, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes.

What are the best activities in Benidorm in November?

Enjoy the beaches, explore the Old Town, try water sports, and visit Terra Mítica.

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