Where Is It Hot in November in Zhejiang

by Heather M. Heikkinen
Where Is It Hot in November in Zhejiang

In November in Zhejiang, Hangzhou gives you warm temperatures from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. It’s perfect for exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of West Lake, diving into its rich history, and savoring dishes like Dongpo pork and Longjing shrimp. Ningbo offers milder weather at 10-18°C, with sights like Tianyi Pavilion and coastal beauty along Qiantang River.

Wenzhou has pleasant 12-20°C temperatures for hiking and cultural delights. Zhoushan‘s unique geography keeps it warm, ideal for island hopping. Taizhou also sees mild weather perfect for outdoor activities and cultural celebrations. More insight awaits on these hot spots in Zhejiang.

Key Takeaways

  • Zhoushan experiences warm November weather due to its unique geographical location.
  • Outdoor adventures like island hopping, hiking, and water sports are popular in Zhoushan.
  • Local cuisine in Zhoushan is influenced by its maritime setting.
  • Cultural festivals celebrating heritage and traditions thrive in Zhoushan.
  • The island offers diverse cultural experiences and opportunities for outdoor activities in November.
Where Is It Hot in November in Zhejiang
Where Is It Hot in November in Zhejiang


In Hangzhou, November experiences warm temperatures averaging around 18-20 degrees Celsius. When exploring Hangzhou attractions, make sure to immerse yourself in the rich history of the iconic West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its beautiful scenery.

Explore the rich flavors of Hangzhou cuisine by sampling local specialties like Dongpo pork and Longjing shrimp. If you enjoy shopping, head over to Hefang Street for a mix of traditional and modern shops offering a variety of goods.

When the sun sets, experience Hangzhou’s lively nightlife scene by checking out popular bars and clubs in areas like Nanshan Road and Wushan Square.

Hangzhou’s blend of cultural heritage, culinary delights, shopping opportunities, and vibrant nightlife offers a well-rounded experience for visitors seeking both relaxation and excitement. Whether strolling through picturesque gardens, indulging in delectable dishes, finding unique souvenirs, or dancing the night away, Hangzhou has something for everyone to enjoy in November’s pleasant weather.


Ningbo’s November weather can be quite mild, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius.

As one of Zhejiang’s top destinations in November, you can explore historical sites like Tianyi Pavilion and enjoy the coastal scenery along the Qiantang River.

Ningbo November Weather

Explore the climate patterns and temperature fluctuations in November when considering Ningbo’s weather conditions. In November, Ningbo experiences mild weather perfect for outdoor adventures and exploring local festivals. The average temperature ranges from 12°C to 18°C, making it an ideal time to enjoy the city’s vibrant cultural events while indulging in culinary delights.

For those seeking beach getaways, Ningbo’s coastal areas offer a pleasant escape during this time of the year. The sea temperature hovers around 20°C, inviting visitors to relax on the sandy shores or engage in water sports activities. While November can bring occasional rainfall, it usually doesn’t hinder the overall enjoyment of outdoor excursions. The city’s lush green spaces and parks provide tranquil settings for leisurely walks or picnics amidst the invigorating autumn breeze.

Whether you’re drawn to Ningbo for its local festivals, beach attractions, or gastronomic experiences, November presents a favorable climate for diverse activities that cater to different interests.

Top November Destinations

Considering Ningbo’s mild November weather and ideal outdoor conditions, the top destinations in the city offer a diverse range of activities for visitors to explore.

Witness the stunning autumn foliage at Moon Lake, where the vibrant colors of the changing leaves create a picturesque setting for nature enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of outdoor markets like Tianyi Square, where you can experience the local culture and shop for unique souvenirs.

Engage in the rich cultural heritage of Ningbo by attending the city’s various festivals, such as the Ningbo International Fashion Festival or the Ningbo Food Festival, where you can indulge in delectable local cuisine. Explore the ancient charm of Tianyige Museum, one of the oldest private libraries in China, to uncover the city’s history and traditions.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or culinary delights, Ningbo’s top November destinations offer a perfect blend of activities to enhance your travel experience.


In November, Wenzhou experiences mild weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from 12°C to 20°C. This makes it an ideal time for outdoor activities such as hiking in the beautiful mountains surrounding the city or exploring the historic sites like Jiangxin Island.

Wenzhou offers a perfect blend of nature and culture for you to enjoy during your visit in November.

November Weather in Wenzhou

Where does the temperature tend to fall in Wenzhou during the month of November?

In November, Wenzhou experiences mild temperatures with an average high of around 20°C (68°F) and an average low of approximately 14°C (57°F). The climate during this time is generally pleasant for outdoor adventures and exploring the city’s scenic spots.

When visiting Wenzhou in November, you can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking in the surrounding mountains or strolling along the beautiful coastline. The comfortable weather allows for a delightful experience while exploring the local cuisine and attending cultural festivals.

Wenzhou’s culinary scene offers a variety of delicious dishes to try, showcasing the region’s unique flavors and ingredients. Additionally, November is a great time to immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural festivals that take place in Wenzhou, providing insight into the local traditions and customs.

Remember to pack layers to stay comfortable as temperatures can vary throughout the day in this charming city.

Top Activities in Wenzhou

Engage in a diverse range of cultural and recreational pursuits while exploring Wenzhou’s top activities. Wenzhou offers a plethora of outdoor adventures for the thrill-seekers. Hike up Yandang Mountain to witness breathtaking views or explore Nanxi River for a thrilling rafting experience. For those seeking cultural experiences, visit Wenzhou Museum to explore the city’s rich history or discover the ancient Jiangxin Island.

Culinary delights await you in Wenzhou, known for its fresh seafood and local specialties. Indulge in a seafood feast at Jiangxin Island or try traditional Wenzhou snacks at the bustling Guo Wei Street. Uncover hidden gems by wandering through the charming lanes of Jiangxin Island or exploring the historic streets of the Jiangnan Ancient Town.

Whether you seek outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, culinary delights, or hidden gems, Wenzhou has something for everyone. Embrace the freedom to explore and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of activities that this dynamic city has to offer.


Why does Zhoushan experience high temperatures in November?

Zhoushan, a cluster of islands off the eastern coast of China, enjoys warm weather during this time due to its unique geographical location. The moderating effect of the surrounding sea helps maintain relatively high temperatures in November, making it an ideal destination for outdoor adventures and cultural festivals.

Island hopping is a popular activity in Zhoushan during this period. The pleasant weather allows visitors to explore the various islands and enjoy the stunning coastal views. Additionally, local cuisine in Zhoushan is influenced by its maritime location, offering fresh seafood that’s best enjoyed in the warm November temperatures.

Outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking, and water sports thrive in Zhoushan during this time, thanks to the comfortable weather conditions. Cultural festivals celebrating the local heritage and traditions also take place, attracting both locals and tourists alike to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Zhoushan in November.


When planning your visit to Taizhou in November, it’s important to take into account the climate changes that typically occur during this month.

The temperature in Taizhou gradually drops as winter gets closer, with a consistent decrease in temperature trends.

Climate in Taizhou

The climate in Taizhou, Zhejiang in November is characterized by mild temperatures and decreasing precipitation. With an average temperature ranging from 12°C to 19°C, Taizhou offers a pleasant environment for various outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for beach vacations and outdoor festivals. The decreasing precipitation levels during this month provide a comfortable atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the sandy shores and partake in the vibrant festivities.

Taizhou’s climate in November sets the stage for beach vacations, allowing you to bask in the sun and engage in water sports without the disruption of heavy rainfall. The mild temperatures create an inviting atmosphere for outdoor festivals, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and entertainment under clear skies.

Whether you prefer relaxing by the sea or exploring the lively events, Taizhou’s climate in November offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

Temperature Trends in November

Analyzing the temperature trends in November in Taizhou reveals a consistent pattern of mild temperatures conducive to outdoor activities and beach vacations. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Global Warming Impacts: Over the past decade, Taizhou has experienced a gradual increase in November temperatures, aligning with global warming trends. This shift necessitates a reassessment of traditional seasonal expectations.
  2. Temperature Fluctuations: Despite the overall mild climate, occasional fluctuations occur due to changing weather patterns. These variations can influence the timing of outdoor events and travel plans, underscoring the importance of flexibility.
  3. Climate Change Resilience and Sustainable Practices: To adapt to evolving temperature trends and promote long-term environmental sustainability, Taizhou is implementing resilient strategies and advocating for eco-friendly practices. By engaging in sustainable behaviors, both residents and visitors contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change in the region.


It’s crucial to pack layers for cooler evenings in Jiaxing, located in northern Zhejiang, as the average temperature hovers around 13-17°C in November. This makes it a comfortable destination for outdoor activities.

Jiaxing boasts a rich cultural heritage and a variety of attractions. Explore the historic town of Xitang with its ancient architecture and picturesque canals, or visit the South Lake Scenic Area for a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature.

When visiting Jiaxing, don’t forget to try its unique dishes such as Jiaxing-style braised pork, sesame cakes, and Sanwei soup. Indulge in these traditional delicacies at local eateries or food markets.

In November, Jiaxing hosts cultural events like the Xitang Ancient Town Photography Festival, offering a glimpse into the region’s artistic side. Additionally, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like hiking in Nanhu Park or cycling along the Grand Canal.

Jiaxing offers a perfect blend of cultural experiences, culinary delights, and outdoor adventures for visitors seeking a diverse travel experience.


Consider exploring Huzhou, another city in Zhejiang, which offers a different climate experience compared to Jiaxing in November. Huzhou provides a variety of activities and attractions for your enjoyment:

  1. Huzhou Hiking Trails: Begin your journey on scenic hikes around Huzhou to experience the beautiful natural landscapes the city has to offer. The surrounding mountains and lush greenery provide an excellent opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Huzhou Hot Springs: Relax and rejuvenate in the soothing hot springs of Huzhou. These natural thermal springs offer a perfect way to unwind and pamper yourself amidst the crisp November weather.
  3. Huzhou Local Cuisine and Historical Sites: Delight your taste buds with authentic Huzhou local cuisine, known for its fresh flavors and unique dishes. Explore the city’s historical sites, such as ancient temples and traditional architecture, to immerse yourself in Huzhou’s rich cultural heritage.

In Huzhou, you can enjoy a blend of nature, relaxation, culinary delights, and history, making it a perfect destination for your November travels.


You frequently encounter favorable weather conditions in Quzhou during November. With mild temperatures and minimal rainfall, November is an ideal time to explore the beauty of Quzhou. The city offers a mix of activities ranging from hiking trails to cultural festivals, ensuring there is something for every traveler.

When in Quzhou, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the diverse hiking trails that wind through the picturesque landscapes of the region. Additionally, immerse yourself in the rich culture of Quzhou by attending local festivals that showcase the traditions and customs of the area. For food enthusiasts, Quzhou’s local cuisine is a delightful experience, offering a taste of authentic flavors unique to the region. History buffs will find themselves captivated by the historical sites scattered throughout Quzhou, each telling a story of the city’s past.

Hiking TrailsPicturesque landscapes
Cultural FestivalsRich traditions and customs
Local CuisineAuthentic and unique flavors


Explore Lishui in November for a range of outdoor activities and cultural experiences. The city offers a blend of natural beauty and historical richness that’s perfect for your adventurous spirit.

Lishui Hiking Spots: Begin exciting hikes in the picturesque surroundings of Yunhe Terrace. The rolling hills and terraced fields provide a challenging yet rewarding experience for hikers of all levels.

Lishui Local Cuisine: Indulge in the flavors of Lishui with its diverse local cuisine. From hearty mountain dishes to delicate river delicacies, the city’s food scene is a true reflection of its cultural heritage.

Lishui Cultural Attractions: Immerse yourself in Lishui’s rich history by visiting cultural landmarks like the Baiyun Ancient Cave and the Ziyang Ancient Street. These sites offer a glimpse into the city’s past while showcasing its unique architectural and artistic traditions.

For those seeking both outdoor adventures and cultural exploration, Lishui is the ideal destination to satisfy your wanderlust in November.


Nestled in the eastern part of Zhejiang province, Shaoxing boasts a blend of historical significance and modern charm, making it a compelling destination for travelers seeking a unique cultural experience.

Known for its famous Shaoxing wine and delectable traditional cuisine, the city offers a sensory journey through its culinary delights. The ancient architecture in Shaoxing reflects its rich cultural heritage, with well-preserved structures that date back centuries, providing a glimpse into the city’s storied past.

Shaoxing wine, a key element of the city’s identity, is a must-try for visitors interested in local gastronomy. This aromatic rice wine has a history spanning thousands of years and is deeply intertwined with Shaoxing’s cultural traditions. Additionally, the traditional cuisine in Shaoxing, characterized by its use of local ingredients and unique flavors, offers a delightful culinary experience that showcases the region’s culinary expertise.

Exploring Shaoxing’s ancient architecture and immersing yourself in its cultural heritage provides a deeper understanding of the city’s roots and evolution over time. Whether strolling through historic streets or savoring authentic dishes, Shaoxing invites you to discover a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in a vibrant setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Special Events or Festivals in November in Zhejiang?

In November in Zhejiang, you can enjoy a variety of cultural celebrations, music concerts, traditional performances, and art exhibitions. The region offers a vibrant array of events that cater to diverse interests and tastes.

What Are Some Recommended Outdoor Activities in Zhejiang During November?

Embark on thrilling hiking adventures through lush forests, immersing in nature’s beauty. Enjoy scenic bike rides along picturesque trails, feeling the wind in your hair. November in Zhejiang offers endless outdoor activities for your exploration.

Is It Common to Experience Rainfall in Zhejiang in November?

In Zhejiang, rainfall patterns vary in November, influenced by climate variations. Weather forecasts indicate occasional showers. Temperature fluctuations are common. Stay informed to plan activities accordingly and enjoy the freedom of outdoor adventures despite potential rain.

Are There Any Recommended Local Dishes to Try in Zhejiang in November?

Indulge in Zhejiang’s culinary treasures in November. Experience seasonal flavors in local dishes like Dongpo pork, West Lake vinegar fish, and Beggar’s Chicken. These gastronomic delights promise a feast for your taste buds.

What Are the Best Places to See Autumn Foliage in Zhejiang in November?

To see autumn foliage in Zhejiang in November, explore the vibrant colors while hiking through picturesque landscapes. Discover photography spots on nature walks, capturing the beauty of changing leaves. Enjoy the freedom of immersing yourself in nature’s artistry.


So there you have it, Zhejiang province in November is scorching hot! From the bustling city of Hangzhou to the coastal city of Ningbo, the temperatures are sure to make you break a sweat.

Whether you’re exploring the ancient streets of Wenzhou or relaxing on the beaches of Zhoushan, be prepared for some serious heat.

So pack your sunscreen and stay hydrated, because Zhejiang in November is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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